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Cyber Laws in IT & ITES

With the phenomenal and enormous growth of Internet specialized branch of Law called Cyber Law.

Immigration & Emmigration

When a person enters a new country for the purpose of establishing permanent residence and ultimately gaining citizenship , it is called

Immigration.But the residence of immigrants is subject to the conditions set by the Immigration Law.

National Transportation Safety Board

The National Transportation Safety Board is an autonomous institution of the US Government.

The National Transportation Safety Board consists of five members who are selected by the President. This appointment is done with the consultation and approval of the Senate. It is also mandatory that there should not be more than three members from the same political party.

The quorum of the Board is constituted with the presence of three members.

The Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board acts as its executive head. The Chairman is selected by the President with consultation with the Senate.

In addition to it, the President also selects the Vice Chairman of the Board who assumes the role and responsibility of the Chairman in his absence.

The National Transportation Safety Board deals with various modes of transportation which are mentioned here in below:
  • Aviation
  • Highway transportation
  • Motor vehicle
  • Rail and tracked vehicle
  • Pipeline transportation

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