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Cyber Laws in IT & ITES

With the phenomenal and enormous growth of Internet specialized branch of Law called Cyber Law.

Immigration & Emmigration

When a person enters a new country for the purpose of establishing permanent residence and ultimately gaining citizenship , it is called

Immigration.But the residence of immigrants is subject to the conditions set by the Immigration Law.

Anti Slavery Provisions

Slavery in any forms whatsoever now in the United States is grossly immoral, illegal and opposed to public policy. It is considered as thoroughly evil and a crime against humanity or mankind.

Notions of slavery are wide enough to cover any case in which one individual regulates the life, liberty and fortunes of another.

Under 18 U.S.C.A. § 1583 enticement of individuals into slavery is punishable by fine or imprisonment. Similarly, those guilty of holding persons under or selling them into involuntary servitude are also liable to prosecution.

Moreover anyone in shipbuilding for transportation of slaves, serving on a ship carrying slaves, or owning a slave carrying ship will also be punishable by fine or imprisonment under 18 U.S.C.A. §§ 1582, 1586, and 1587, respectively.

Involuntary servitude for payment of a debt known as ‘peonage’ is also banned under statute 18 U.S.C.A. § 1581. An individual can also be convicted for sale of human beings into involuntary servitude by delivering them under various feigned excuses or pleas into labor camps. Some offenders compel migrant workers to work by providing them with scanty or rudimentary shelter, which is also an instance of involuntary servitude.

Labor camps are the worst violators of the law against peonage. Victims work and live there in inhuman conditions under threats and torture. .